the va pod

5 experts to accelerate your productivity


Your POD can collaboratively perform an array of vital tasks for you including;

  • Organisation and administration including scheduling events and projects, managing the calendar, preparation for presentations, data entry, spreadsheets.
  • Digital Design including full concept development, design for ads, posters, flyers, logos, books, packaging, magazines, digital images including photo retouch and more.
  • Website development incorporating full design of visually appealing sites, maintenance, database management, ongoing monitoring, specifications based on technical needs and much more.
  • Video presentations including editing high resolution footage, continuity through logical sequencing, visual and audio enhancement, input music, dialogue graphics and effects, green screen effects, broadcast quality and much more.
  • Digital marketing including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Keywords, Google specialists, social media gurus and much more.

Digital Designs:

Our Digital Design will enhance your  communications with other people.

Our Designer will convey your product or service effectively, but in a way that is also beautiful.

Good design makes you look good so it’s all about promoting the true value of what you do.

Your POD is a truly cohesive team so the Graphic designer informs the key elements that will consistently graphically tell your businesses story.

Website Design:

Outstanding Website Design is a must as it blends both creative and technical skills, using both attributes to build or redesign websites.

Your designer has the ability to understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, and at the same time works with the Graphic Designer to make it appealing for the user.

Video Presentation:

Video Presentations are now firmly established as a must do for any enterprise.

The astute entrepreneur knows the value of connecting to their market with relationship.

Relationship can be built through this medium, visual and audio communications that POP with fully integrated graphics, transitions and a message that can really touch people.

The editing process ensures a coherent narrative and adding special effects creates a WOW experience. Transformational Services will deliver a powerful message at post production for you.

Digital Marketing:

The fact is that we now live in the age of Digital Marketing the marketplace is leading this reality with ever growing engagement by consumers with this technology.

You will promote your brand awareness and utilisation of social media is extremely cost effective.

Digital Marketing provides you the opportunity to syndicate your content and increase your business visibility in your target market.a

File Organising and Administration:

Let’s face it all the quality data in the world is not much use if it is not organised in a way that makes it accessible.

Instigating quality systems for managing files and back of office functionality inevitably leads to a foundation for growth that will be scalable.

By utilising File Organisation and Administration we ensure that all your POD Team are operating from the same page.

Research that may be required along with a focus on ensuring each component part of the POD are working towards their highest potential in delivering you work on time and strictly adhering to your brief.