Your Team

Your own personal team member

You need a team to make your vision become reality, but you can’t afford the type of talent that’s doing business in the 21st century. Well guess what? You can! Each POD (Your Pod) has 5 people at the top of their game! We’re talking about a graphic designer, video editor, digital marketer, web developer and general administration!

Graphic Designer:

Your Graphic Designer will enhance your communications with other people. Our Designer will convey your product or service effectively, but in a way that is also beautiful and professional.

Good design makes you look good so it’s all about promoting the true value of what you have.

Video Editor:

Your Video Editor will review your footage carefully as in the heat of the moment you may have missed something crucial. Good video editing can make or break your presentation. Through the editing process it is possible to ensure a coherent narrative and add the special effects. Transformational Services will deliver a powerful message at post production for you.

Digital Marketer:

It’s the 21st Century and modern technologies abound. Businesses must do everything they can to keep up. That’s why Your Digital Marketer will beef up your existing marketing efforts with new trends of digital marketing strategies which will capture a growing and very lucrative audience online.

Virtual Assistant:

With the fast pace of doing business, it doesn’t take long to be buried under piles of monthly reports, balance sheets, and crucial but routine tasks which soak up the last drop of your energy. All these tasks can be completed with Your Virtual Assistant. Why not avoid the stress and exhaustion! Your own VA is much cheaper and comes in ‘ready to rock’. This will be a game changer for your business!